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All over the world competing companies develop decarbonising products by reformulating existing chemical technologies. TerraClean though, like many medical and scientific breakthroughs, was discovered by accident.

TerraClean is the by-product of research being carried out by a group of environmentally conscious Canadian physicists in their attempts to create an ultra low emission internal combustion engine. Their test vehicles were retrofitted with a "molecular injector" so they were operating the "TerraClean" system as part of the vehicle's on board fuel system. When their technicians stripped down the vehicles to evaluate impact of the technology they identified the fact that there was little evidence of carbon build up. Uncertain if this was due to the vehicles ages they specifically applied the technology to a known older vehicle, operated the TerraClean technology, then stripped down this vehicle too. The point was proven, all the carbon which would have build up in this vehicle throughout its years of operation was gone. Regrettably the running costs of operating a vehicle full time on the chemical solution with the molecular injector as part of the vehicle made the project commercially non viable

BUT, A new idea came to light -

A reverse engineering exercise was then conducted to
identify why the TerraClean process had cleaned the
engine. Also they extended the technology to consider
how to develop the technology further to decarbonise
an engine and the entire fuel system.

TerraClean is a revolutionary, advanced and effective
decarbonisation solution to this problem, ideal for
today's high compression, multi-valve,
direct injection, petrol engines.

Randstad launched TerraClean technology into the UK professional automotive market at AutoSport International in early 2012. Edd China was attracted to the technology and the impact it claimed to have on engine performance, emissions and fuel consumption, he visited the stand and spent some time chatting to our engineers about the principles of the process.

Edd left the show interested in the product and later contacted Randstad asking for help with a project car in a TV show he co-presents. Some of the Randstad team travelled to Edd's studio with TerraClean to provide a demonstration of its capabilities and for use in the show. Edd was extremely impressed with the results and decided it was perfect for use on the show's project car.

After using the petrol machine Edd asked to have a personal demonstration of the diesel machine too. He operates his own vehicle workshop and invested in both machines for his own use.

Subsequent to the demonstrations and show use Edd has been using the machines himself and given the technology a firm thumbs up. He is now working with Randstad to help promote the range of TerraClean solutions and products which all help make; motorcycles, cars, vans, trucks & agricultural vehicles operate more efficient and environmentally friendly, restoring MPG and performance.

We are delighted to have Edd on board and look forward to rolling out this technology to operators throughout the UK over 2012.

Since the product was featured on TV, enquiries from garage operators asking to become part of the distribution network, and from the public requesting details of where they can have there vehicle TerraCleaned, have increased massively. If you have not seen the feature check out the Discovery Channel website where an excerpt is featured.


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